Have control of your future with Coastal Vacations

with special guest Jackie O’Quinn

Listen in on this very informative, inspirational interview with business success Jackie O’Quinn. I have had the priviledge of knowing Jackie for more than 7 years and his story and insight is worth a listen. Prior to working with Coastal Vacations he was a registered nurse drowning with debt, stressed out, forced to live paycheck to paycheck. After starting a business with Coastal he has become totally debt free, has traveled the world saving 10s of 1000s of dollars, donated to favorite causes and organizations over $5,000 last month to orphans, and has earned over a million dollars with Coastal in the past 8 years.

Host Eric Dye & guest Jackie O’Quinn discuss the following:

  1. Why would someone choose to be self employed and or choose to work from home?
  2. What makes Coastal Vacations and it’s business opportunity more lucrative than say the latest health product company or anything else out there for that matter.
  3. What do you say are some of the most common reasons or types of people looking for what Coastal Vacations offers?
  4. After one gets started in Coastal, and most that start their businesses with Coastal, come in with sizeabel debt—what do you advise your trainees how to handle the profits made, per debt and advertising needed for their business?
  5. Where do we find or generate our potential buyers to grow our business – as we know without business exposures in a daily basis we will not experience any kind of success…..
  6. What would you advise one looking to work from home and looking over several opportunities like Coastal?

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Technology Makes It Even Easier with Coastal Vacations

Hello and welcome once again to Coastal Vacations Radio. On this episode I talk about how with today’s technology one can see great results at even a faster pace. Now, I am not saying that there is no work or you can get rich quick but the good news is this:

When I got started in 2002 in the network marketing industry there were marketing methods that worked to get one consistent exposure & of course without consistent exposures to your business you will never see results. Over the years with so much information one has access to online the best way to bond directly with a potential client is through the telephone. There you can find out what their pain is, what they are looking for, and more of what they are wanting to accomplish. This method has worked very well for me since the beginning but here is the fact, I had to manually dial each and every one of the leads. Sometimes I could dial 30 an hour but the average always hung around 20 dials an hour. My goal was always 100 dials a day and that was some serious work to accomplish but the results made it well worth it.

You can’t find anything out there that could give you a bigger bang for your effort than Coastal, where every time someone says YES, they are ready to get started you get paid at least $1000, or $3,200 or even a whopping $9700+ directly.

So here is the GREAT PIECE OF NEWS I want to share. With technology, you now can do what took me nearly 6 hours to accomplish within 1 hour and a half. YES you heard me….with a phoneburner dialing system, this allows you to leave your  pre-recorded voice mails when not reaching a potential client live, or an email if they aren’t home. Within 1 hour and a half you can dial 100 leads. Imagine working this 3 hours a day, 15 hours a week – THE SKY is more than the limit as to what you could accomplish.

So if you are looking to make extra money, or looking to replace your current full-time income, you can rest with a peace of mind knowing that with 1 hour a day put into business, you could be doing very well for yourself in rapid time. For more information on this incredible business opportunity click here & I will be more than happy to assist you to understand your options.

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Having a successful business experience with Coastal Vacations

Coastal Vacations is one of the world’s most solid home based business opportunities offering you the ability to both earn an above average income as well as have access to wholesale travel for life. In this episode I want to talk about the little things that lead to a successful business experience from my first hand experience with Coastal Vacations.

It is fairly common when initially speaking with people for the 1st time in their search for a way to earn extra money online or to simply find a proven HB business that they will say….man is this another one of those scams…or….there is so much junk out there…my thought is —-is there so much junk out there? Are there scams out there? Well of course there are scams and junk products out there but not as many as you think. Here is where the rubber meets the road….what are you looking for? How committed are you to your business? What are you wanting to accomplish short-term or long-term?

SIMPLE KEYS: The consistent, persistent effort is the KEY. Advertise consistently, do everything you can to have x amount of business exposures per day whether it’s online or offline. Never dwell on the results but dwell on the activity. It’s a matter of planting every day, and as long as you are planting –the harvest will come.

What I like about Coastal Vacations is –when you plant consistently you have a nice bang for your effort. Sometimes the planting season can take 3 months after getting started BUT–when anytime someone says yes to what we offer you make as little as $1000. How about a $3000 commission? What would a $9700 commission do for you? An average Coastal rep earns $3000-$5000 a month in their 1st year in business. If I have peaked your interest simply click here and submit for more information.

On the next episode I will cover how you can work your business at a good part-time effort and because of technology you can be doing what it used to take me 6 hours to do — in practically an hour.

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Coastal Vacations Radio Inaugural Show

Thanks for tuning into the inaugural show of Coastal Vacations Radio. Hear from long time Coastal Vacations representative Eric Dye. He briefly discusses when and how he found Coastal and its advantages of tapping into the business and its products.

Coastal Vacations Radio |  Episode 1

Link: http://EricDye.mydfilive.com/goland1

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